A self portrait of the artist, Ipsita sitting and smiling.
Ipsita is a feminist illustrator & gender professional currently based in New Delhi. An advocate of gender studies and intersectional feminism, through her she aims to explore the subjects sexuality, politics and power. Her art captures the multifarious human emotions and sentiments. Most of her work centers on realist portraits and colorful illustrations. As a self-taught artist works in various mediums and is well versed with fine art techniques as well as digital. She has exhibited her work, ‘Shaktirupa’ (face of womxn power), in New Delhi, India. It is a series of feminist re-telling of Hindu mythology consisting of portraits of powerful women and queer characters. Her recent digital art series, Colours of Protest, is a celebration of womxn's resilience and voices all over the world. 

She continues to take on assignments and would love to work with you.

Selected Clients: 

Selected features:
Platform Magazine: Interview
Shado Magazine: Artist Spotlight
Miss Independent: Interview 
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