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A feminist gift for your 2022!



Available in desk, wall and digital formats. 


Our 2022 calendar was created to serve as a reminder that for the resilience of women across the world, the fight still continues. Every day, there is an issue to tackle, a shackle to break free from, a boundary to set. On that same note, every day is also a celebration of the battles already triumphed, the struggles behind which have brought us here. 


We hope you use this calendar to map out your ambitions, document your successes and learn from any defeats. This year, we wish to help women, queers, and allies across the world by bringing light and awareness to the issues they face, thereby doing our part towards alleviating their hardships. This calendar is a small step towards that- thank you for being a part of this endeavor! 

6 different notebooks held by 6 different hands

Doodles, paintings, notes, lists- dump whatever is on your mind onto our beautiful notebooks, made with plantable paper, and witness all your inner thoughts bloom!

An art frame on the shelf with a blue bag.
Art Prints & Frames

If you’re looking to add some much-needed spark to your blank walls, our feminist art prints are the beautiful and vibrant answer to your woes. 

Many postcards on the carpet.
Postcards & Bookmarks

Make reading cool again with our colorful and intricate bookmarks! 

There are very few things better than a handwritten message- and our postcards are the perfect vehicle to get your truest feelings across!

About Us

ID.ENTITY by Ipsita is a homegrown online brand. A feminist and sustainable brand, you can identify with. Our brand offers accessible products that you can engage with every day. They are inspired by different intersections of our society. We aim to create a safe space to celebrate our differences and experiences that shape who we are.

Our products & packaging are 100%  eco-friendly and sustainable.

For any queries, feel free to email at

Currently only shipping in India. 

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