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Voices from the ground on Earth Day

No one is immune from the devastating consequences of the climate crisis. It concerns everyone and those who are most marginalised, will be most affected. RFSU’s vision is a world in which everyone is free to make decisions about their own bodies and sexuality - but can this vision be upheld in a world where everyone’s lives will be more and more impacted and possibly restricted by the climate crisis?   
I created these illustrations highlighting the work of RFSU's partners in Cambodia, Liberia, Brazil and Kenya. 
My visual recordings show the linkages between the climate crisis, sexual reproductive health rights and their call to action.
 The key takeaways from these conversations are: 

  1. More evidence is needed

  2. Human rights must be at the centre of addressing the climate crisis

  3. Climate policy processes must be inclusive

  4. SRHR is critical to climate change adaptation and resilience

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